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Old Market Manor, Barton Manor
Bristol, BS2 0RL

Artisan natural dye studio, using locally foraged and organically grown natural dyes, bio-regionally sourced cloth and paper and low impact traditional and contemporary printmaking techniques. Offering limited edition gifts, bespoke services and a range of workshops to help creatives transition to using non-toxic practices and connecting communities with Nature using creativity as a medium.

Booking policy

This is our booking policy

Workshop Booking Policy


Once you have made a booking, if you wish to cancel, we ask that you provide 8 weeks notice, or alternatively, you may replace yourself.

Any cancellation less than 8 weeks prior to the workshop is non-refundable.

If you are paid-up for a workshop and cannot attend, and you advise us 8 + weeks prior to the workshop, your cancellation admin fee is 20% of the workshop fee. We charge  an admin fee, due to the time it takes to make these types of arrangements and the time it takes to make refunds. If for example, if we have 8 people on the wait list, each person must be contacted one by one, make a decision and get back to us, it is very time consuming. Plus email lists, invoices and new information need to be provided, meaning cancellations create a lot of time consuming work for us.

In any of these cases, if you can simply replace yourself, we will make no charge for changing the name of the attendee. If you do this, please advise us of who is coming a week in advance, and make sure you forward all workshop information to them, or ask them to send us an email whereby we can send them all workshop information directly. In this instance, we do not refund and recharge and you must make your own arrangement with your replacement.

We apologize if you are unable to receive a refund. We understand that sometimes very difficult circumstances can arise, however we hope you understand how we arrive at our policy. Please make sure, before you book, that you can follow through and attend the workshop if at all possible.

In the case that WE cancel the workshop, we will refund all monies owing to you within 3 days.