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Old Market Manor, Barton Manor
Bristol, BS2 0RL

Artisan natural dye studio, using locally foraged and organically grown natural dyes, bio-regionally sourced cloth and paper and low impact traditional and contemporary printmaking techniques. Offering limited edition gifts, bespoke services and a range of workshops to help creatives transition to using non-toxic practices and connecting communities with Nature using creativity as a medium.




Bridal Bouquet Up-Cycling

Transform your unique bridal bouquet into a lasting memento of your special day.

Let us extract the botanical colours from your flowers into beauteous eco-printed silk garments, accessories and art pieces for you to adorn your body and home with.

We can use pre-loved silk items of your own, or our own special UK-grown organic peace silk, to make into an item of your choice.

Hen Parties

Create a meaningful experience, enjoying artisan crafts as part of a creative ritual, bringing together the special women in your life, infused with herbal botanicals, organic flowers, and nature.


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