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Old Market Manor, Barton Manor
Bristol, BS2 0RL

Artisan natural dye studio, using locally foraged and organically grown natural dyes, bio-regionally sourced cloth and paper and low impact traditional and contemporary printmaking techniques. Offering limited edition gifts, bespoke services and a range of workshops to help creatives transition to using non-toxic practices and connecting communities with Nature using creativity as a medium.


North America Book Tour

botanical inks

I've just landed today in Seattle to mark the Botanical Inks Plant-To-Print Dyes, Techniques and Projects North America/Canada book publication day.

The book is now available here in local stores and online!

To celebrate I've come to spend a few weeks adventuring into the wilds of Washington, Oregon and California, to explore the landscape, get creative and meet some of the natural dye and Fibershed communities, before heading back to the UK via New York.

I'm so excited to be here!!

I'l be starting off the adventure at Botanical Colours natural dye studio in Seattle with Kathy Hattori, offering a promotional workshop and book signings, before disappearing into Oregon to hunt for natural hot springs and giant redwoods. See the full list of events below.

- 23rd August, 10-4pm: Botanical Colours, Seattle, WA. Block Printing With Natural Dyes

- 9th September, 10-1pm: UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens, Berkeley, CA. Wild Ink Making

- 15th September, 10-4pm: West County Fiber Arts, Sebastapool, Sonoma, CA. Bundle Dyeing

- 30th September, 1-4pm: Cattywampus, Ojai, CA. Bundle Dyeing

- 6th October, 3-6pm: Soho House New York. Bundle Dyeing - Members Only

Do get in touch if you would like to connect while I'm here!

Big love, Babs xx